Herbert Spencer: Often Overlooked. Never Underestimated.

At Jake Wyatt Cigars, we never play favorites with our lineup. So naturally, some cigars claim more of the limelight and desire more attention – but then some thrive behind the scenes because they know the inherent value and power they bring to all smoking circles. Enter: Herbert Spencer. This is a cornerstone cigar across our entire blends that can hold its own.

“Survival of the Fittest.”

There’s a history lesson about how we came to this name. Herbert Spencer was a British Philosopher who was an early advocate for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. But did you know that Herbert Spencer was the one that initially coined the phrase, “survival of the fittest?”Charles Darwin actually used that language to support his theory about the gradual improvement of society through competition among individuals. With this history lesson complete, we felt that it was only fitting to take a term that holds so much weight in today's society to name one of our key cigars after this monumental Philosopher.

Silky Smoothness Clashes with Spice.

Herbert Spencer is made with rich aged San Andres Maduro wrapper. Coupled with a bold medium full Dominican blend, Herbert Spencer historically highlights hints of spice and smoothness that must be experienced.  Semi-sweet chocolate takes shape around an earthy experience, where notes of black pepper and cedar linger sweetly on the palate and come alive on the retrohale.  This has been met with outstanding feedback that is well-tailored for the medium smoker looking for more flavor and a touch of complexity to fit their palette. Herbert Spencer is masterfully blended for those that enjoy a mellow to medium experience but also something that stays effortlessly smooth all the way through.

Available in the following vitolas:

  • Corona (5 ½ x 44 | Box of 22) 
  • Robusto 5 x 50 | Box of 22) 
  • Toro (6 x 54 | Box of 22) 
  • Belicoso 6 x 52 | Box of 22) 
  • Gordo 6 x 60 | Box of 22) 
  • Lancero 7 x 38 | Box of 22) 
  • L.E Figurado 7 x 49/64 | Box of 10)

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