Fourth Dimension


Jake Wyatt’s Fourth Dimension features a Habano Rosado wrapper coupled with our Jake Wyatt tradition of smooth and bold flavors throughout that capture this medium-full bodied masterpiece.

Habano Rosado

SKU: FD-201
FLAVOR: Medium
ORIGIN: Dominican Republic
TASTING NOTES: Roasted Almonds, Cocoa, Chestnut and Cream


5 out of 5 (based on 1 rating)
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I don't think it could get any better!

Cold draw is velvety smooth, with a creamy essence. The stick itself has the wonderfully inviting scent of cocoa. But will it smoke as well as it smells? Let's find out! First Third: From the first puff I'm reminded why I'm a fan of Jake Wyatt cigars. Cocoa, almonds, and cream hit the palate immediately. Full flavor, but still a medium in strength, everything is as it should be with the draw, and the flavor notes are really solid. Second Third: Starting off the second third with a retrohale that invites chestnuts to join the almonds with a creamy after thought. Complexity wise, it's not doing a dance like the Herbert Spencer did, but rather the flavors are growing darker in a sense. The cocoa is transitioning into dark chocolate, the nuts are roasted, and the cream is doing an incredible job balancing everything out, even as the flavors grow bolder. The Final Third: On retrohale, the nutty flavors take a back seat for the cream in an incredible warm and smooth way. I've had sticks that smelled like chocolate but had none of the tasting notes, this is not one of those. The stick smelled of chocolate and that flavor has been at the forefront throughout. As the stick evolved the cocoa became dark chocolate, which is now incredibly smooth. There is the slightest burnt chocolate aftertaste, but it's balanced wonderfully by the cream and nuts. Weird to say about a cigar, because it seems so obvious, but the smoky chocolate essence within this stick is really fantastic. Final Thoughts:This is not a flavored cigar. It hasn't been dipped, capped, or otherwise artificially flavored in anyway. But yet, it reminds me of something a 5 star restaurant would send out. It's silky smooth, and very rich. The tasting noted are top notch, and everything about this stick is fantastic. I've had high end sticks from big name companies that had solid cocoa flavor, and I've had flavored sticks, that had so much added flavor, you couldn't taste the tobacco. This stick though, truly does take you to the Fourth Dimension, and it is an amazing trip filled with rich, elegant, gourmet flavors. This stick would make even the most daunting task more enjoyable. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to give the Fourth Dimension a score of... 95. The Herbert Spencer was incredible, with its dancing flavors, but Fourth Dimension is so rich, smooth, and incredibly delicious, it's just... it's skyrocketed to the #1 spot on my favorites list. At $10-$12/stick depending on size, it's a high end cigar with a fair price point. This is the box to buy to impress your friends. Hand one of these to any cigar lover, and watch their respect for you grow. Yeah, it's THAT good!
Posted by Stick Stories- Andrew Michael Smith, May 20th 2023