The Jake Wyatt Gourmet Toro Sampler Pack

Easy to Share. Difficult to Part With. A medium full-bodied experience is the heart and soul of Jake Wyatt cigars. That is woven throughout every line we create. When you pair that methodology with the ever-popular Toro (6x54) sizing, it only made sense that we designed a Gourmet Toro Sampler Pack that highlighted the perfect grab-and-go variety of flavor. We’re showcasing the ultra-smooth and creamy medium-full Dominican gems that touch on all corners of flavor, including variations of smooth, creamy spice and pepper, and hints of citrus and vanilla. Smoke one and see for yourself.

Introducing the Jake Wyatt Toro Sampler 10 Count Pack

Everything we do is small batched and slowly handcrafted without ever sacrificing quality. We have five ways to help you slow down and enjoy the moment even better with our premium vitolas that hit all the right tasting notes at all the right times.Our new Toro Sampler 10 Count Pack includes two of each cigar in our Gourmet Lineup: Appendix II, Fourth Dimension, Herbert Spencer, Lucid Interval, U.S.I.R - Toro (6 x 54).

Appendix II

Toro (6 x 54) A superior smooth and creamy cigar that is perfect for every occasion. 

Fourth Dimension 

Toro (6 x 54) This Habano Rosado wrapper brilliantly captures all the smooth and bold flavors.

Herbert Spencer 

Toro (6 x 54) A unique Dominican met with rich-aged San Andres Maduro wrapper and hints of spice. 

Lucid Interval

Toro (6 x 54) Bold, buttery flavors take center stage in this exquisite candela wrapper. 


Toro (6 x 54) A medium full-bodied experience is at the center of Jake Wyatt cigars - the U.S.I.R is a testament to that.

Experience Our Entire Gourmet Collection

Artisanal skills from the Dominican come out in full force with our brand-new Toro Sampler Pack that lends itself to every palette and preference. Whether you’re spending an afternoon on the golf course or an evening around the fire with friends, the Jake Wyatt Gourmet Toro Sampler Pack is perfect for every occasion. Also made available in a 5-pack. 

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